iPhone 15

iPhone 15 Rumored launch date revealed, Price, Camera, Specification and more

iPhone 15 Rumored launch date revealed, Price, Camera, Specification and more

iPhone 15

iPhone 15 launch date revealed by some Rumer. Apple is set to release the new iPhone 15 on 12 September.

Apple’s most anticipated mobile iPhone 15 launch day is coming on 12 September. The company will unveil the best generation of its iPhone device in September 2023.
In the last 2 to 3 weeks we have been listening to the rumors that the new iPhone 15 is going to launch this month. Some Rumors say Apple also going to unveil the iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro & and iPhone 15 Pro Max we listen after the iPhone 14 series launch last year. But we are now getting a pretty clear picture of the new iPhone 15 upgrades, price, features, and more.

We also heard that the new iPhone 15 Pro max not launch on the 12 September. behalf of the 15 Pro Max new iPhone 15 ultra coming this Year. To some rumors, last-minute leaks suggest that Apple is coming with an ultra-branded iPhone series coming in 2023.

In this case to give an idea about the iPhone 15 and what you expect from the Apple successor iPhone 15, We are going to give you all the information in a one-stop shop.

This article refers to the standard iPhone 15, but we are expecting to launch the iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone Plus, and iPhone 15 Pro Max in September.

iPhone 15

iPhone 15 released date

  • Apple scheduled their event on 12 September 2023.
  • iPhone 15 pro max get delayed as per rumors.
  • The actual shipping of iPhone come will 1 or 2 weeks later.

As per rumors The new iPhone 15 release date is now confirmed ahead of Apples event in September 2023. Which takes on 12 September. As per rumors This event organized for unveiling the new iPhone 15 series. In this event we can also get information about device pre-order. Shipping orders probably follow another next week that’s Friday 22 September.

However, in previous report suggested the actual dates of shipping for some models are delayed until mid-October. Because the iPhone 15 pro max is set to come later after their siblings. But we are not sure if this delay is happening or not. So our team has a deep discussion on whether the new iPhone 15 Pro Max is making a late entry into the Indian mobile market or not.

But all the deep discussion on make a decision that this is worst time to buy new iPhone device. you can wait until mid-October for iPhone 15 pro max.

iPhone 15 price range

The price of new devices is higher than across the global.

iPhone 15

We don’t know about the price range of new Apple Series but we can assume the price range on feature of new series and launch price of iPhone 14: * This price range in Usd, Euro, Au usd

  • 128GB: 799Usd/ AU$ 1339/ £ 849
  • 256GB: 899Usd/ AU$ 1579/ £ 959
  • 512GB: 1099Usd/ AU$ 1899/ £ 1179

As earlier we expect that the price range of the New Apple series will be similar to the iPhone 14 series. But as per recent rumors, the new Apple iPhone series will cost more than the iPhone 14 series. Because of the increase in the production cost of Apple’s new series.

iPhone 15 series colors.

As per rumors and previous iPhone 14 models, apple will likely offer more than 5 colors. We heard much more about green color as we know we can get green iPhone 15 device. And we can also get an pink color devices. We list hear assumable 5 shades of new Apple series

iPhone 15
  • Green
  • light blue
  • midnight
  • pink
  • starlight

The iPhone 15 pro and pro max offer most of other colors as per rumors we list hear 4 color that come with this two devices.

  • Dark red
  • sliver
  • Gold
  • Space black

Reports also suggest that that every iPhone 15 come along with same color C-USB Cable.

iPhone 15 design

As per Rumors the design of iPhone 15 are particular interesting not because of they hint some difference Apples vanilla iPhone and the old iPhone 14. and Some rumors says this series should come cover edge display as similar as iPhone 11.

  • All the models gets curved edge display similar as iPhone 11.
  • All the model come with matte glass panel.
  • C-Usb ports excepted.

iPhone 15 camera

As per Some Source, the iPhone 15 comes with a similar iPhone 14 camera specification. But the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max come with upgraded camera features. One or both models can get one of the best periscope camera and biggest sensor camera. The iPhone pro max model can get telephoto camera with variable zoom lens.

iPhone 15
  • Will likely ships iPhone 15 with 48Mp camera.
  • pro models will get different 48Mp sensors.

iPhone 15 features

We can except iPhone 15 inherits iPhone 14. We can assume that new iPhone come with A16 Bionic. The inclusion of A16 Bionic make feel peaceable than the iPhone 14.

  • Excepted new series come with A16 Bionic
  • Also we can except Pro Models come with more Ram.

As per source other spec, we heard the prediction that the pro models come with 8GB Ram. other difference in Pro and Non-Pro models that pro models comes with Wi-fi 6E.

iPhone 15 Battery

As per reports we can assume that the iPhone 15 come with more 18% Battery than iPhone 14 taking the capacity Upto 3877mAh long lasting battery. We heard some interesting rumors of battery that new iPhone series comes with reverse wireless charging.

  • Larger battery in the board
  • Faster charging via USB-C.

iPhone 15 Outlook

We can excepted iPhone 15 don’t offers much more changes what we seen in old iPhone series. The combination of upgrades and some new changes lead to best iPhone series.

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